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Sucker Punch Review [Aug. 20th, 2011|05:01 pm]
Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them


I'm going to discuss the movie Sucker Punch and it's ending so you have been warned.

Seriously, I'm talking about the ending.

Okay, I just got around to watching Sucker Punch directed by Zack Snyder and geez what an ambitious movie.  It's got some of the best visuals I've seen in a while.  Highly imaginative and kinda weird, but the lesson learned from the movie is such a downer it's a wonder it even got made.

But let's start with the story. There are three levels of reality to the story.  The first level in the "real" world that shows up in the beginning and the end.  Where the main character, Babydoll, is put in a metal asylum.  The Second level is Babydoll's perception of the asylum as some sort of brothel where girls dance for the clients. The Third level is where Babydoll goes when she dances.  It is a kind of super fantasy where she fights villains with swords, guns and incredible martial arts moves that would never work in real life.

The third level is the has a kick ass attitude where Babydoll learns in order to get to freedom she needs to collect 4 objects and put them together with mystery object and she is told that will require, "a deep sacrifice and perfect victory.  Only you can find it and if you do it will set you free."  Okay, here's the deep sacrifice and perfect victory: A LOBOTOMY.!   That's right.  Freedom through brain damage.  The movie was sailing along perfectly and then there's the sucker punch.  That's the problem and the moral of the movie: freedom can only be achieved through self destruction. All the fighting and girl power moments are a big joke to a shabby end.

Sucker Punch is a cheat, but it's worth watching for the visuals alone.  It will probably shown in film classes in the future along with movies like Brazil which has a similar message (freedom through madness.)  Babydoll's fate is meant to upset the viewer, but I found the message more upsetting.  If the path to freedom is loss of who you are is that really freedom or something else?