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The Adjustment Bureau Review [Mar. 6th, 2011|03:31 pm]
Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them



What if you met the person you knew you were meant to be with and little things kept messing it up?? You know, missed calls, being a little too late, or losing an important piece of paper with a name and number.  What if they weren't random accidents at all?  Instead, there's  a group who can chart events and make minor changes that separate your from the one you love.  That's the core idea of The Adjustment Bureau.

Matt Damon plays David a promising young politician who on the night of a big political defeat meets his soul mate, Elise (Emily Blunt) and doesn't get her number.  The men of the Adjustment Bureau arranged this one time meeting to inspire David to give an important speech. He was never supposed to see this girl again, but the Bureau can't control everything and just by random chance he runs into her again throwing off the timing of events the Bureau was working on that leads to David finding out about the Bureau's existence.  The Bureau informs him he can never be with Elise and David spends the rest of the movie trying to overcome the Bureau's changes.

Matt and Emily have a really strong on screen chemistry that's easy and believable.  It works well and rooting for them to get together is easy.  In a fine supporting role is Terence Stamp as Thompson the Bureau man who assigned the task to tear them apart.  He is the perfect choice.  The guy radiates an intensity rarely seen on screen and he really shines in parts like this.

Despite the trappings of a fantasy film there is very little in special effects.  Just magic door ant open onto some other location and magic books that chart possible futures.  They all look fine and are just the right amount without being too much.   There's even magic hats that unlock doors, but they required no special effects at all.

The magic hats are mostly 50's and 60's Trilby type hats worn by the Adjustment Bureau men.  They look kinda goofy and on guys that aren't supposed to be notice it makes stand out.  They might as well be wearing Sombreros or Viking helmets and when Matt Damon is running around at the end of the flick with one he looks dopey.

Overall,  The Adjustment Bureau is a fine film really worth watching with a fine lesson that, maybe, if you don't give up you can reach the person you love.  That is if they reach back.