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X-Men: First Class - Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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X-Men: First Class [Jun. 6th, 2011|11:20 pm]
Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them



Back in the 60's Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a little comic called the X-Men and in that very first issue the X-Men face Magneto and stop him from taking over a missile base. So it makes perfect sense for the movie X-Men: First Class to echo that first issue.

X-Men: First Class  is set around the time of the Cuban Missile crisis and for the first time Professor X has to put together a group of mutants to combat another group of mutants that want to start a nuclear war so that radiation will create even more mutants that will eventually wipe out the regular human race.  Oddly, some of the first mutants Professor X comes across later become his greatest foes, but  all that is for the later movies.

Usually, acting isn't all that important in an action movie, but the creators did something very interesting, by giving Magneto a deeper back-story and more conflicted nature.   Michael Fassbender puts in a name making performance as Magneto, who has to be a hard killer in one scene and sad concentration camp survivor in another.  Jennifer Lawrence who plays Mystique  has to play a lot of the same tones and does a excellent job.  Sometimes having to act practically naked and covered in blue paint.  There's an acting challenge  for you.

Most PG-13 pictures can use the work "Fuck" only once in the movie.  They save it for the funniest cameo in the film.  It is nearly a perfect moment and I have to wonder if most people would even get it since I was the only person in the theater laughing. 

The strange thing about X-Men: First Class is how they pull heroes and villains from different eras of the Marvel Comic and everything is all mixed up.  Alex Summers, for example,  is Scott Summers (Cyclops) younger brother, but this movie would make him much older.   It's like they used the Mission Impossible approach.  Cherry picking visually interesting characters and tossing aside any of the comic's continuity.  The cool thing is it works. 

The only thing that doesn't work is when the Beast shows up and he looks like he just escaped from The Muppet Movie.  Just creepy and unreal make-up.

X-Men: First Class well worth seeing it's faithful to the spirit of the X-Men comics without in any way being faithful to their continuity, 

PS: It's worth checking out the first X-Men film just to see how closely the two tie together.