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The Open Road: Carlton (Justin Timberlake) receives some disturbing… - Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them

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[Apr. 30th, 2012|06:01 pm]
Movie Reviews: Write them or Read them


The Open Road: Carlton (Justin Timberlake) receives some disturbing news about his mother, Katherine (Mary Steemburgen)
Katherine is refusing a life saving heart surgery until she gets to speak to her ex husband (I don't know about you but I always demand to speak to all my exes before any medical procedure) and baseball legend Kyle Garrett (Jeff Bridges) It's up to struggling baseball player, Carlton to track his father down in Columbus, Ohio (Hey, I've been there) and convince him to come back to Texas to pay a visit to his ailing ex wife. Seems easy enough. Carlton has some help in the form of ex girlfriend Lucy (Kate Mara) who comes along for the ride. While Carlton is trying to come to terms with his feelings toward his absent father, Lucy feels torn between Carlton and her current boyfriend. (What's with all the codependency involving exes in this movie?) Jeff Bridges and Mary Steemburgen always give a solid proformance. Justin Timberlake gives a strong proformance with his first lead role. The weak link is Kate Mara who at times seems to be sleeping walking through her proformance. All in all, it's worth watching.

Another Happy Day: Lynn (Ellen Barkin) is on her way to her home town for her estranged oldest son's wedding. Along for the ride are her emotionally disturbed son, Elliot (Ezra Miller) youngest son, Ben (Daniel Yelsky) and self mutilating daughter, Alice (Kate Bosworth) Lynn has a lot to contend with for the ill-fated weekend, between her harsh ex husband, Paul (Thomas Haden Church) and his real housewife esque and uber bitch wife, Patty (Demi Moore) Not to mention Lynn's over-bearing mother, Doris (Ellen Burstyn)
While some scenes between Demi Moore and Lynn are fun to watch, in general the actors seem to be in their own melodramatic world. Often the proformances are over the top and over dramatic. Ezra Miller's character is meant to be smart, edgy and sarcastic. I find him obnoxious and quite irritating. The movie seems to think it's a lot more clever than it actually is. Can this family work through their issues? A better question, does anyone care? Skip this one. I wanted my two hours back.